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The Vancouver Community of Care includes Vancouver General Hospital, UBC Hospital, and GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, as well as community-based physicians with privileges at any of these sites.

Together we are represented by our revitalized and re-energized Medical Staff Association called the VMDAS: the Vancouver Medical, Dental and Allied Staff Association. We are over 1,900 members strong including all our physicians, dentists and podiatrists.

The VMDAS executive works for you. We believe that nurturing an engaged workforce and fostering stronger relationships with Vancouver Coastal Health improves our work environment, our delivery of patient care, and the overall cost-effectiveness of our health care system.

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A Statement from the Board Regarding Racism

​The Vancouver Physician Staff Association and the VMDAS Association strongly condemn a value system based on prejudice and discrimination that has resulted in significant inequity, disparity, violence, and poor physical and mental health within society.  Although the recent tragic and unnecessary events that have precipitated widespread protest have occurred outside of Canada, it is simplistic and naive to believe that this problem of racism and inequity, does not also exist in Canada and BC. It is the view of this organization that bias based on race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation has no place in our medical community or our society at large. VPSA and VMDAS are committed to eliminating these biases both within our health care system and outside of it.

We firmly believe that actions are more important than words. To this end, VPSA and VMDAS continue to play an active role in the VCH Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee. We will actively promote diversity within medical leadership and we will work to educate, as well as improve, physician awareness of racism, unconscious bias, and all important equity issues in health care.

COVID-19 Resources for Members

VMDAS and VPSA are working to provide members with the latest information you need to work effectively and to promote your wellness. Please visit our COVID-19 Resources for Members section.

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