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The Vancouver Community of Care includes Vancouver General Hospital, UBC Hospital, and GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, as well as community-based physicians with privileges at any of these sites.

Together we are represented by our revitalized and re-energized Medical Staff Association called the VMDAS: the Vancouver Medical, Dental and Allied Staff Association. We are over 1,900 members strong including all our physicians, dentists and podiatrists.

The VMDAS executive works for you. We believe that nurturing an engaged workforce and fostering stronger relationships with Vancouver Coastal Health improves our work environment, our delivery of patient care, and the overall cost-effectiveness of our health care system.

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Diversity and Inclusion Statement

​To Our Members,

In response to acts of brutal racism and the wide-spread anti-racism social protests that ensued across Canada and the United States in 2020, we, the Board of the Vancouver Medical, Dental & Allied Staff Association/Vancouver Physician Staff Association, issued a statement strongly condemning systemic prejudice and bias. Unfortunately, events in 2021 have once again compelled us to speak out. The increasing reports of verbal and physical attacks on Canadians of Asian background across Canada, including a physical assault on a young woman on the campus of UBC less than a block away from UBC Hospital, presumably precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic (or with the pandemic as a pretext), are both deplorable and concerning. Likewise, the reports of serial verbal/physical attacks on Islamic African-Canadian women in Alberta reflect ongoing misogynist racial prejudice and religious intolerance. Lastly, the BC Ministry of Health’s recent document, “In Plain Sight,1” reporting long-standing systemic Indigenous-specific racism in our health care system, indicates a need for reform. It is in this context that the VMDAS/VPSA again strongly condemns social bias in any form both within the health care system and outside of it. Our organization will continue to work towards reform within the health care system and we will do our best to offer whatever support we can to those who are working towards reform outside of the health care system.

The Board of the Vancouver Medical Dental & Allied Staff Association/Vancouver Physician Staff Association

  1. Turpel-Lafond (Aki-kwe) ME, Lemchuk-Favel L, Johnson (sԑƛakәs)  In plain sight: elaboration on the review.  BC Medical Journal 2021; 63: 83-88.

COVID-19 Resources for Members

VMDAS and VPSA are working to provide members with the latest information you need to work effectively and to promote your wellness. Please visit our COVID-19 Resources for Members section.

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