About VMDAS and VPSA


The Vancouver Medical, Dental and Allied Staff Association (VMDAS) is the medical staff association for all physicians, dentists and allied staff at VGH, UBC Hospital, and GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre and the physicians affiliated within the Vancouver community. We represent over 1,900 medical staff within  Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH).

What We Do

VMDAS’s goal is to foster meaningful physician representation to better serve our patients, our community of physicians and VCH. We promote and advance our members’ involvement in the provision of medical services and represent and advocate for the interests of our members. The operation and structure of the association are developed, approved and adopted by the membership.

Issues that arise between VMDAS members or with VCH’s senior medical leadership may be brought to our attention.

The VMDAS’s president’s role is to represent the collective interests of the association’s membership. We hold quarterly meetings; the annual general meeting is the last meeting of the calendar year.

We are working on a draft Medical Staff Engagement Charter based on the patient document accepted by Vancouver Coastal Health. Stay tuned as we will be requesting input from all medical staff on this document.


VMDAS works closely with the Vancouver Physician Staff Association (VPSA), a non-profit society that was established in 2016 as part of the provincial Facility Engagement Initiative. VPSA’s objectives include strengthening relationships between VCH and physicians who work at VGH, UBC Hospital, GF Strong, and Vancouver Community and improving the physician work environment, the delivery of patient care, and the cost effectiveness of the health care system. The VMDAS executive serves as VPSA’s officers and directors.

VMDAS’s engagement activities are coordinated by VPSA.


The VMDAS executive is elected at the association’s annual general meeting. The executive serves as the VPSA’s board of directors.

President: Dr. Eric Yoshida

Vice President: Dr. Alison Harris

Treasurer: Dr. Alex Lee

Secretary: Dr. Sophia Wong

Member: Dr. Vivian Yin