COVID-19 Resources for Members

COVID-19 communication platform on Slack for VCH physicians

In collaboration with VCH, VPSA has launched VCH COVID-19 Physician Communication on Slack, an instant messaging platform. The Slack platform is available to all VCH medical staff with the purpose of providing physicians a dedicated space to have the most up-to-date COVID-19 information, ask questions, generate discussions, and to support one another.

You can read COVID-19 memos and announcements on the platform and you can also comment on posts, ask questions, and start discussions. You can submit questions to and watch COVID-19 virtual townhalls for medical staff. Departments, divisions and programs can form their own private channels.

How to access the VCH COVID-19 Physician Communication Slack platform
You should have received an email link from VCH to join Slack. If you did not receive an email link, contact Dr. Vivian Yin and request assistance.

For more information
Read the VCH memo regarding the platform here.

Wellness resources during COVID-19

Overwhelmed with the number of wellness opportunities available to physicians during COVID-19? Don't know where to look to find a specific class or a schedule? VPSA has organized all the resources into one Google Drive folder with sub-folders for different categories (e.g., mindfulness, staying fit, food discounts, etc.). Check it out here. If you have suggestions on resources to add to the drive, email Lina Abouzaid or via our Slack platform @Lina Abouzaid. Our Wellness calendar has been added to our Events page; you can sign up for various Zoom activities there.