Community Building & Wellness

The Community Building & Wellness Committee focuses on building our VPSA physician community both via networking events and through a focus on wellness and physician resiliency-building activities that are of interest to members. This includes a series of luncheon events focused on wellness and on members’ unique lives and interests outside of work.

The team is also responsible for planning, coordinating and helping to execute biannual all-member engagement events and a wide range of activities and events to match varied interests.

Two-hour quarterly meetings; sessional funding is provided.

The Onboarding Committee is part of Community Building & Wellness.

Committee Members

Dr. Lyne Filiatrault, Chair
Andrew Pinfold, Project Manager
Dr. Noah Alexander
Dr. Anna Boroska
Dr. Silke Cresswell
Dr. Cameron Cunningham
Dr. Derry Dance
Dr. Daniel Dodek
Dr. Diane Fredrikson
Dr. Carolyn Hall
Dr. Junella Lee
Dr. Caroline MacCallum
Dr. Noa Mallek
Dr. Lynn Straatman
Dr. Nicole Todd
Dr. Rod Tukker
Dr. Himat Vaghadia
Dr. Laura Wilson
Dr. Lesley Wood

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