Engagement Working Group

The VPSA Engagement Working Group (EWG), with diversified physician members across specialties from our three facilities and Vancouver Community, acts as the Facility Engagement Initiative’s steering committee. The group includes physicians from VGH, UBC Hospital, GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre and affiliated community physicians. The EWG is tasked through broad membership representation with ensuring the initiative’s overall strategy resonates with all.

This committee meets quarterly; sessional funding is provided.

Committee Members

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Dr. Marthe Charles, Medical Microbiology

Dr. Marshall Dahl, Endocrinology

Dr. Derry Dance, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, GF Strong

Dr. York Hsiang, Surgery

Dr. Emilie Joos, Surgery

Dr. Junella Lee, Community Family Practice

Dr. Haseena Majeed, Hospitalist and Palliative Care

Dr. Hiram Mok, Psychiatry

Dr. Emily Pang, Radiology

Dr. Ryan Paterson, Urology

Dr. Simon Rabkin, Cardiology

Dr. Lynn Straatman, Cardiology

Dr. Andrea Townson, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, GF Strong

Dr. Stephen van Gaal, Neurology

Dr. Sophia Wong, Pathology

Dr. Titus Wong, Medical Microbiology and Infection Control

Dr. Bob Woollard, Community Family Practice

Dr. Lesley Wood, Community Family Practice

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