Physician Hub for Engagement and Wellness

The Physician Hub for Engagement and Wellness (PHEW) at VGH opens officially on September 17, but VPSA members are encouraged to drop by any time to enjoy a cup of coffee and the chance to connect, collaborate and care with their fellow physicians.

A place to gather has been a top priority for VPSA members working at VGH. Our work is stressful: long hours in emotionally charged situations. Physicians often feel they have no quiet space where they can restore their energy or interact with colleagues in a supportive environment. The PHEW is there to help fill that void.

Physician wellness is vital to the delivery of high-quality health care. Emerging research indicates that physician stress, burnout, depression or general psychological distress negatively affects health-care systems and patient care. Forward thinking health authorities are targeting programs that prevent burnout and promote wellness. The Mayo Clinic, for example, provides dedicated meeting areas for physicians at its campuses because these provide for peer interaction and comradery.

The VGH PHEW is open 24/7 for VPSA members. Physicians are encouraged to use the space for informal meetings with other VPSA members. VPSA hosts events in the space including its Breakfast with Leaders and Unique Lives in Medicine series and a weekly coffee networking session. Members are encouraged to contact VPSA with ideas for additional events and workshops that could be hosted in the PHEW.