Previous Engagement Projects

VPSA has been funding physician-led engagement projects since 2017.

Engagement Accelerator Projects

VPSA accepted expressions of interest for Engagement Accelerator projects in fall 2018. Several projects have been selected for conditional funding of up to $20,000 each.

Selected project leads will attend a workshop on project management where they will learn how to complete a project charter and develop a budget. Each project lead will then submit a project charter and budget for final selection and approval.

Engagement Accelerator projects will improve collaboration among facility-based physicians, across divisions and/or departments, or between facility-based and community physicians. Projects that engage other health professionals were encouraged.

2017 Engagement Projects

Ten projects to improve physician engagement and create a more rewarding work experience were awarded VPSA funding in 2017. Criteria for projects included addressing issues affecting physicians and patients, establishing a unified physician voice to influence priorities and to work collaboratively with VCH, and creating a great place to work with the best patient care.

Sample Projects Funded in 2017